• Disposable protective mask

    Disposable protective mask

    Advantages: very good ventilation;Can filter toxic gases; Be able to hold heat; Can absorb water; Can be waterproof; Flexible; Not unkempt; Feel very good and quite soft; Compared with other masks, the texture is relatively light; Very elastic, can be reduced after stretching; Low price, suitable for mass production.

  • KN95 level protective mask packaging bag

    KN95 level protective mask packaging bag

    Built-in plastic nose clip, fit all kinds of face.
    Double side tight package isolation, effectively cut off the air on both sides.
    Under the isolation layer, effective clearance jaw dead Angle.

  • Disposable Non-sterile Powder-free Gloves

    Disposable Non-sterile Powder-free Gloves

    No powder treatment to reduce allergies
    It can avoid the possibility of contact contamination caused by powder gloves and greatly reduce the incidence of allergies
    Linen antiskid
    The surface of gloves is slightly pockmarked to increase friction
    Good precision
    Gloves are made with precision and do not leak

  • Handwashing Fluid

    Handwashing Fluid

    1. 75% alcohol hand sanitizer sanitiser gel effectively kills more than 99.99%, not hurt your hand
    2. Can effectively and quickly
    3. Gentle and non-irritating, does not hurt the skin
    Do not wash with water, easy to save water
    4. Gel texture, you can easily control the amount. Small size, easy to carry

  • Mask machine

    Mask machine

    Kn95 and N95 respirators have the same level of protection, but only follow the test standards of different countries. Kn95 masks follow Chinese standards and N95 masks follow American standards. Their protection efficiency for non oily particles (sodium chloride particles for experiment) is not less than 95%.

  • Protective Suit

    Protective Suit

    Disposable protective clothing refers to disposable protective articles worn by clinical personnel when they come into contact with class A or infectious disease patients under the management of Class A infectious diseases.

  • Meltblown


    The melt blown cloth is the core material of the mask. The main material of the melt blown cloth is polypropylene. 

  • Bridge of nose

    Bridge of nose

    As the name implies, it is a thin rubber strip used in the mask to fix the mask on the bridge of the nose.

    Therefore, the bridge of the nose is also called the full plastic bridge of the nose – the rib of the nose – the bridge of the nose.

  • Ear ribbon

    Ear ribbon

    The function of air permeability is the characteristic of the mask rope mask. 

  • Breathing valve

    Breathing valve

    In hot and humid working environment with poor ventilation or large labor volume, the use of anti haze mask with breathing valve can help you feel more comfortable when exhaling.